Monday, December 29, 2008

Hair Issues

This is my first time having my own blog! I am so excited. Anyway, I think this is a good way to let my inner voice OUT! For starters, my daughter and I are going natural, but we are going through some tough times with our hair right now. We cannot seem to find a comfort zone with our hair.
I'll start with me first. A fourth of my hair is new growth and the remainder is permed hair - enough said. I bought the maxiglide about a month and a half ago, it's okay, but I think if I use it too much it will really do a number on my hair. I viewed the creative lady's blog and other web sites, it listed many products that could be used. I particularly liked the Miss Jessie's site, her products seemed interesting, but expensive. I have a few items in the cart there, but haven't really made up my mind just yet.
Now, my daughter's hair. OMG, nothing works and it is consistently breaking around the edges. She had a perm, but after her severe burns in June and over processing in July we are cold turkey on the perms. I have been using Keri Ker products on her hair, washing, pooing, maxigliding... nothing works. I guess it doesn't help that she sleeps under the covers and sweats out the edges. She also has severe allergic reactions to products with strong perfume, egg and use of peanut products. She also battles with eczema and a dry scalp. I am constantly oiling her scalp, she even has dry scalp after her has been washed!
I just don't know what to do. This is why I believe the natural style would be the best alternative to healthy hair.
Well all of my blogs will not be about hair. That is just the issue for the moment.

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  1. Hello Friend!
    Thanks for the sub. Nice blog already. Looking forward to reading more.

    Have you tried coconut oil on your daughter's hair. Another online sista has eczema and she uses castor oil, I think, with good success. She is linked on my followers as "A Day in The Life Of A Bored Nappy". She is also from The 'Sip and is very nice. Her fotki is "Content Liberation".

    Miss Jessie's was running a BOGO special but it may be over now. That's the only time we purchase.

    Best wishes & Happy New Year!!!