Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons was SOOO Good! And other miscellaneous topics

Ya'll need to see this movie! It is a bit different, scenes are clean and violence - none really. It is kind of amazing seeing a persons life in reverse. It is a true love story. It is difficult discussing this movie without really spoiling it for you, so I will shut up.
So I am getting ready for the new year. Our plans are to go to Watch Meet at the church, eat, maybe pop some fireworks.
Christmas got a little out of hand this year, so we are feeling the recession. We are really going to have to cut back this year. My new years resolution:
1. Spend more time praying to and worshipping God
2. Spend more QUALITY time with my family
3. Spend less money on fast food and cook more (healthier, too!)
4. Speak my mind, when necessary
5. Have fun!!!

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